Calling all BEER drinkers!

I’m not sure about you, but in college beer to me was that light yellow stuff that was cheap enough to allow me to have a few solo cups worthwhile at the same time gather up the remaining change for food and gas. I had no idea what else was out there! After graduating college and actually landing a real job making consistent income, I was introduced to a little thing called hops. Coming to realize what IPA was, in addition to Belgians, Imperial Stouts, and Porters-I now know what true love is.

I actually became interested in not only drinking good beer but making it when I had some friends that were home brewers trying to replicate some of the styles. I sat in on a few brew days and helped out while learning about partial mashes and extracts, boiling the wort, and fermentation. I immediately started studying and researching and I decided in 2009 to get my own set up going so I could achieve beer perfection. It was a no-brainer I had to go all-grain from the beginning, brewing 10-gallon batches on a single-tier brew stand with pumps which made brewing that much beer possible for one person. I acquired some used kegs which I cut open and welded in fittings to use as each vessel in the brewing process. I also got myself a fermentation chamber and learned about the proper way to grow and manage yeast. It was no time before the beer I was making was comparable to some of the best beers I’d purchased-if I do say so myself! Now, not only am I obsessed with all the different beer styles but I’m also addicted to the brewing process.

For the past several years I’ve been brewing every style imaginable and entering them in competitions (with some great scores too!) and sharing them with anyone willing to try and give an honest critique. After much trial and error, I’ve come up with several solid recipes. At this point, I am now ready to take these recipes to the next level and share the beer wealth with many people full-time… Enter Arrowhead Ales.

Arrowhead was the little subdivision I called home when I fell in love with the beer-making process-hence the name fell right into place. From the beginning, I’ve picked up a few good friends along the way who are as passionate as I am about beer, brewing, and business. Over the past few years now we’ve been planning our ideal setup and have been brewing with local breweries willing to show us the ropes first hand and provide education in large-scale brewing. There is so much gratification in serving up pints of hand-crafted beer to great people and watching them talk about it, and most of all, ENJOY it. This is our passion and desire as much as it is the beer drinkers’ quenched pallets. Therefore, please join us in getting this thing off the ground and turn a beer lover’s dream into an Arrowhead Ales reality!

Mike Bacon
Owner & Head Brewer