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Beer List

ABV: Alcohol by Volume
IBU: International Bitterness Units

Barrel-Aged Full Moon Buffoon

Imperial Stout hopped with Warrior & Williamette
Aged in 13-year Sazerac Bourbon barrels

11.5% ABV - 25 IBU

Party Gator

Sabro & Azacca hopped with Hazy India Pale Ale

6.8% ABV - 32 IBU

Imperial Coconut Killjoy with Marshmallow

Imperial Porter with roasted marshmallow, toasted coconut, milk sugar and vanilla added

10.5% ABV - 25 IBU

Marshmallow Bramble Barricade

Kettle Soured Golden Ale with blackberry, raspberry, vanilla, milk sugar and pie crust added

5.0% ABV - 8 IBU

Union Dues

American Light Lager hopped with Nelson Sauvin & Saphir

4.5% ABV - 15 IBU

Hath No Fury

German Helles Style Lager, light, crisp & refreshing

4.9% ABV - 18 IBU

El Fin De Los Dias - War

Imperial Porter with red plum, granola, cinnamon & milk sugar

8.5% ABV - 35 IBU

Ahh Fuggles

Irish Red Ale - smooth & malty

5.0% ABV - 20 IBU

Frank's Jorts

Sour Gose with sweet cherry, prickly pear & Himalayan pink sea salt

4.6% ABV - 8.7 IBU

Jive Turkey

Imperial Roasted Sweet Potato Ale with Graham cracker, muscavado dark brown sugar, vanilla, milk sugar & Autumn spices

8.5% ABV - 20 IBU

Entry Level Snob

American West Coast IPA hopped with Citra, Mosaic & Centenial

6.7% ABV - 52 IBU

Wooden Chapel

Schwarzbier - German Dark Lager

4.1% ABV - 25 IBU